You Will Not Believe What Happens When This Little Girl Takes The Stage

Every little kid plays make-believe where they’re cowboys, detectives, or ninjas. You probably remember fumbling around with clumsy karate chops or walking through the kitchen with a magnifying glass — that ketchup stain on the kitchen table looked suspicious! All sorts of interesting characters spring from children’s imaginations. Pretending to be who or whatever you want is the greatest part of being a kid!

But this one girl doesn’t have to pretend to be a samurai…she is a samurai!

Make sure you watch ’til the end to see her full samurai form!

YES. A thousand times yes to this epic finish!

Not only does this performance showcase truly incredible physical talent, but an even more captivating dedication to the martial arts. It takes real guts to invest yourself into a performance like that. I don’t know about you, but I have respect through the roof for this girl!

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