This Interview With Allen Iverson Is Both Heartwarming And Heartbreaking

1. At last night’s 76ers-Celtics game 6, Philadelphia’s legendary point guard Allen Iverson was in attendance, and prior to the game he was honored on the court.

But what came mid-game was more interesting. The volatile point guard, who has been both fairly and unfairly maligned over the course of his career, was interviewed by Lisa Salters while watching the game from the stands. He spoke of his love for Philadelphia’s fans and what it meant to him to come back to the stadium and be honored. And, because he’s never officially declared retirement — at 36 years old, it isn’t inconceivable that he could still play, but he has two very rickety knees — the question came up of whether he’d like to return.

3. His response? “I want to play basketball so bad.”

AI affirms his desire to play again on the pro level, though he recognizes that that might not mean the NBA. Unlikely as it is at this point, it would be incredibly fun to see Iverson back on the court.

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