These Two Women Drink Helium Infused Wine For The First Time Ever. The Result? Hilarious!

There was never anything more fun during a birthday party when you were a kid than the helium filled balloons.

Sure, kids these days have gotten some pretty cool presents but year after year those balloons are what could make the staple of a good birthday party.

Well now those balloons have been turned into a more adult-friendly variant in the form of the delicious alcoholic beverage, wine. Thats right, science has advanced so far into the future the 70s envisioned than we ever imagined they infused helium into wine! After discovering this information these two lovely ladies decided to try it out for themselves, and what they discovered was everything theyd ever hoped for. Apparently its fairly strong as well, as they get tipsy after only a couple glasses! Now I want to try it!

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