The 4 Best Lego Ad Campaigns Ever


The first campaign is from 2011, via Russia.
No copy. None needed.
Ad agency: Leo Burnett, Moscow.
Two more ads below.


Campaign from 2006, via the USA.
How do you say “Imagination” without saying it?
This is how.
Ad agency: Blattner Brunner.
Two more below.


From 2010.
Ad agency Ogilvy Malaysia hired some Lego artists to create the posters that play off of the surrounding environment. Pretty damn cool. Two more ads below.


This is my favorite (I think).
Campaign is from 2010, via Germany.
Great idea, casting, sets, and photography.
I wish I had done these.
Ad agency: Ad agency: Serviceplan, Munich.
Two more execution below.

Note: While there have been many good Lego ads in recent years, these efforts were singled out because they are Big Ideas — campaigns that could run forever and ever.

And, Lego is a great company.
James Groccia, an 11-year-old with Asperger syndrome, saved his money for over two years to buy the Lego Emerald Night Train set, but found out that the set was discontinued.
So, he wrote to Lego. A few days before his birthday, the discontinued set arrived. Watch the video, and watch a moment of true joy.

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