Man Attempts Suicide Jumping Into Lions’ Den, Ends In Bloodshed And Tragedy

Well this is one unique way to go out. Forget about an overdose, a hanging, or pistol to the head. Just get naked and toss yourself in a lions den!

Such was the case with a 20-year-old man who busted into the lions cage at a Chilean zoo and threw himself into the lions den while naked. The African lions indeed jumped on the man and started mauling him. The tragic thing about this whole ordeal, is it wasnt the man who died, it was the lions who died. They were shot in order to save the man, who wanted to die in the first place.

Franco Luis Ferrada Roman actually survived the attack. He was taken to a hospital and treated. It was discoverd later that a suicide note was found inside his clothes. Mentions of the apocalypse was stated as a reason for wanting to die.

Heres what the zoo director, Alejandra Montalva, had to say about the incident: He trespassed into an area where the public are not normally allowed and we understand that he forced the roof of the lions enclosure. It was from there that he jumped, took off his clothes and started to attract the lions.

The video is indeed graphic, as it shows the horrific incident going down.

There was one witness, Cynthia Vasquez, who is describing what she saw when the man was in the lion den: He entered the enclosure from above and the lions started to play with him, and then after they attacked him.

Others stated how there were many children present and parent frantically attempted to cover up their eyes so as not to have their kids see the mauling take place.

Ironically the poor lions, who were just acting instinctively, were shot to save the mans life who did not want to be saved. He is now in stable condition.

While lions are not vicious like this all the time, its only natural if they are provoked and are feeling threatened, especially when they are in a caged up environment with nowhere to go. In the wild where they are free, it can be a completely different story.

Hopefully the man gets brought up on an animal cruelty charges seeing as how he caused these lions to have to be killed, just to save his own life.

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