Krutika’s 13 Favorite BuzzFeed Posts Of 2012

1. The Ultimate Ode to Turtlenecks

Not even the man who brought sexy back could make this work.

2. Sex in the City or Disney Channel Movie Quote?

Hardest quiz on BuzzFeed dot com. Hands down.

3. A Typical Day For A High Schooler in 2005

I am totally embarrassed by how much of this applies to me.

4. The 22 Times that Kristen Stewart Smiled in 2012

This post is a work of art.

5. 10-Year-Old Daughter of Gay Dads Thanks Obama

If you didn’t think this was the most awesome thing on the internet this year – you are wrong.

6. Obama Responds To 10-Year-Old’s Letter About Gay Dads

Okay, I lied, this was the most awesome thing on the internet this year.

7. Chris Christie Is The Ultimate Hero of Hurricane Sandy

Pretty sure this is the most underrated post of all time on BuzzFeed dot com.

8. The Year in Hate Watching


9. 27 Science Fictions That Became Science Facts in 2012

U guise – my greatest dreams are coming true.

10. 35 Times The Westboro Baptist Church Lost Badly

“If your beliefs fit on a sign, think harder.”

11. This Doritos Hack Will Change Your Life

Actually the most important thing on the internet.

12. These 11 Disney Hip Hop Mash Ups Will Change Your Life

You haven’t lived till you’ve heard Under the Booty.

13. 29 People Caught Reading “50 Shades of Grey” In Public

OMFG, his face tho.

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