Jeremy Sisto Has A “Homeless Clown” Alter Ego …Who’s Also A Singer

Meet Escape Tailor. He’s the Sasha Fierce to your Beyonce, the Chris Gaines to your Garth Brooks, the Jo Calerone to your Lady Gaga, the …weird homeless man painted in whiteface to Jeremy Sisto? Just watch:

…I didn’t realize that the average homeless man also wears press-on eyelashes?

As the AV Club points out, this isn’t the first bizarre behavior demonstrated that’s come from Sisto:

“He’s gone in a lot of directions throughout his acting career. He even played Jesus in the 1999 TV movie Jesus. But he may be going James Franco on us. First, he named his son Bastian Kick after saddling his daughter with the moniker Charlie-Ballerina.”

Regardless, this is some wacky stuff. I, for one, can’t wait for Escape Tailor to release more music videos.

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