Community Post: Check Out These Animals That Are Not Okay

1. Listen:

Before scrolling any farther, travel back over 10 years and get reacquainted with this MCR hit.

2. This dog

He is literally signaling for help.

3. This bear

Damn it guys, someone assist this majestic creature!

4. LOL this dog

“If someone could just help me get my legs back down?”

5. This turtle

He’s screaming for help, but no one is listening.

6. This cat

Yeah, cause he totally meant to get stuck.

7. This donkey

Stop taking pictures and get me out of here!

8. This cow

He just wants to get away, can’t somebody help him?

9. This guinea pig

Man, if he could see you right now…

10. This horse

He forgot to wait for the door to open, he was upset, okay?!

11. This chicken

Stupid Polar Vortex.

12. This puppy

What the hell is happening?!?!

13. This monkey

Poor little guy, just wants to sit on his branch in peace.

14. This hippo

Ugh, go away.

15. This polar bear

It’s just not his day.

16. This cat

He has no idea how it got so bad.

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