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Spectacular Car Explosion in Moscow (Video)

This is like a real life Michael Bay movie scene! A car caught fire on the Kashira highway in Moscow, Russia, and exploded after the owner’s unsuccessful attempt to put it out with an extinguisher. No one was injured. Original video found via no longer on Youtube. Spotted here. Read more:

You Have Been Folding Socks The WRONG WAY Your Entire Life!

1 The average person will typically bundle their socks together, right? Well, you should know that there’s an even better way of doing it. 2 Save space in your dresser drawers, suitcases, or wherever else you keep your socks… You’lltake your laundry folding game to a whole new level, by creating nice, neat little squares

You Will Not Believe What Happens When This Little Girl Takes The Stage

Every little kid plays make-believe where they’re cowboys, detectives, or ninjas. You probably remember fumbling around with clumsy karate chops or walking through the kitchen with a magnifying glass — that ketchup stain on the kitchen table looked suspicious! All sorts of interesting characters spring from children’s imaginations. Pretending to be who or whatever you

Bizarre Two-Headed Snake Has A Split Personality

If anything will put your sibling rivalry into perspective, its this snake (or is that snakes?). The animal was photographed by Jason Talbott, 42, whose friends found it out in the wilderness of Kansas. After taking the snake into captivity, Jason noticed an odd quirk between the two separate heads. Like something out of an

How to Learn a Language on YouTube

Knowing a secondary language is par for the course in today’s ultra-connected cultures and global workforces. Being multi-lingual can catapult you to career success. Plus, significant research has shown people who learned a second language at a younger age were likely to have more advanced grey matter in their nervous systems. Communication skills comprise the

Boy Makes His Dying Service Dog’s Wishes Come True

Video available at: Bingo is now 14 years old, and she has been diagnosed with something called Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome and only given a few weeks to live. Cole’s mom, Mandi Hein, told CTV that the night after they received the diagnosis, she heard Cole talking to Bingo in his bedroom. “I

The Greatest Living Animation Director Explains Why He’s Retiring

View this image › Ken Ishii / Getty Images; Studio Ghibli When The Simpsons paid tribute to animation legend Hayao Miyazaki in January, the video quickly went viral, becoming the third most viewed Simpsons clip on YouTube ever, with nearly 10 million views. Miyazaki, however, was not one of them. “Unfortunately, I haven’t seen that,”

You Might Be Tempted To Hate The Guy In The Sunglasses — Until You Realize Who He Is

Let’s start off with a spoiler: The jerk in the sunglasses is the SAME GUY who’s explaining all the science-y stuff. (Whoa! Inception!) Because sometimes the only person you really need to convince is yourself. And all the doubters. Never forget the doubters. // FACT-CHECK TIME! A lot of misconceptions (13, to be exact) were