17 People You Wish Were Your Parents

1. This Mom who made brown bagging cool

2. This dad who got creative with his friendly reminders

3. This dad who explained safety rules in a fun way

“Can’t touch this.”

4. These dads who really committed to arts and crafts

6. This mom who organized the best kind of play group

7. This dad who made sure his son strolled in style

8. This mom who didn’t pick just any nursery theme

9. This mom who wanted to make sure her son is ready for anything

10. This dad who filled in for a missing toy

11. This dad who wanted to give his kids the best possible Mariokart experience

12. This dad who made sure his son had a great Halloween even without candy

13. This dad who made his son the star of his own movie

14. This mom who filled her kids lunch boxes with familiar faces

15. This dad who sent his son’s toy train into space

16. This mom who’s training her kid to be a Jedi

17. And all these dads who sang a Disney princess song for their daughters (and everyone else on Youtube)

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