The Shirk Report Volume 344

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Watch These Mountain Goats Get A Helicopter Ride in Utah

Mountain goats are known for their ability to tackle the most treacherous of terrains. But now, they take on a whole new territory: the skies. This video from National Geographic shows goats being airlifted via helicopter from northern Utahs Willard Peak to southern Utahs

Golf Stars Do Their Best ‘Happy Gilmore’ Impressions

You won’t find Happy Gilmore’s swing in a manual on golf fundamentals. But then, Gilmore was never one to follow someone else’s rules, written or otherwise. The golfing roustabout Adam Sandler brought to life in the eponymous 1996 flick Happy Gilmore was just reincarnated

Tiny Drops of Water Can Be Used for Basic Computing

Researchers at Aalto University have devised a way to convert tiny drops of water into encoded digital information, building a simple computer out of just water droplets and a water-repellant surface. Using a hydrophobic surface that causes water to bead up and roll off,