Sloths Arent Lazy Their Slowness Is A Survival Skill

Conventional wisdom has it that sloths are simple, lazy creatures that do very little other than sleep all day. Even the very name sloth in most languages translates as some version of lazy. It seems astonishing that such an animal survives in the wild

25 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Down

1. Be nice to yourself. View this image › Art by Emily McDowell. Buy print here. 2. Make this your morning routine. View this image › Tumblr user 2wentysixletters’ take on Kate Nash’s lyrics. 3. Eat well. View this image ›

Is The New SportsCenter Commercial The Best Ever?

Video available at: This an insanely awesome commercial for a lot of reasons, but is it the best ever? Let’s break it down. Pros: 3. The Fabled Ponytail View this image › It seems to confirm the long-rumored ponytail of John Clayton.